Granny Mod Menu APK Download Latest Version 2019

A best-modded version of Granny Horror game makes you scream, it’s Granny Mod Menu. Granny mod actually terrorist horror gameplay which is based on an arcade theme. Further, it comes in D resolution. While playing the game you have to make quick decisions and do act according to given instructions in a critical situation. This version is quite different from other mods.

granny mod menu

The basic theme of this mode, a cryptic room full of all scary stuff. Here you are given various hints and you have to assemble them in an order which keeps you safe from high darkness. The grandmother attacks on you continuously with the help of her gunshot. You just have to focus on kids as the target audience.

The granny has the cutest pet in his home. You are given different missions where you have to solve critical mysteries by visiting all houses. In the home, you have 5 chances to get out of the house but if you get caught, the day will end and you have to line again and after 5 days if you are still unable to escape by solving all the clues then you are terminated and you have to try again.

Moreover, here you will see various traps on every step. You just have to focus and keep running away from granny. If granny picks you he will lock you in his house. If you love horror movies and scary stuff so you are at the perfect platform. This mode is actually an intelligence test mod and compatible on all Android devices.

Updated Features

  • Invisible
  • Granny can’t attack
  • Speed Hack
  • Giant
  • Shotgun already completed
  • Unlimited shotgun ammo
  • Kill granny
  • Clone granny
  • Remove 1 clone
  • Party eyes fixed
  • Giant granny
  • Tiny granny
  • Random Place Teleportation

Granny MOD Menu Download

It is not very difficult to install its own. You can do it by yourself with seconds. So are you ready to play the scariest game? You just have to follow the simple steps:

Here are some simple steps to download and install the Granny Mod Menu:


If you already have any mod or version of this game you have to uninstall it to download Granny Mod APK Menu.


Now you should go to devise setting and check ‘unknown sources’ and enable it. If it is disabled then you have to enable it to download this game.

Download APK


In this step, you have to download the APK file on your device, click on the given button. There will show much mod. You have to click on Granny Mod Menu.

After downloading, go to the storage location where you have stored the APK file. Open it and click on install button.


It will ask some permissions you have to allow it. Open it and enjoy its scariest features.


Granny Mod Menu is the most horror game and best for those people who see this game as nothing more than a chore to play. There is an added multiplayer mode where you can play with your friends and have a most grotesque looking experience on your mobile with awful scary features.

Note: I am not the owner of this mod or game. I am just sharing the information for educational purposes. If you have any questions, you can write a comment below. Thanks!

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