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WhatsApp Web

Have you used Whatsapp Web yet? Now Whats app web is available for PC to communicate with your friends freely. It works exactly the same as your Phone. It is one of fast communication way that makes your Job super fast when it comes to chatting, talking or sharing anything.

Whatsapp is one of the most widely used apps over the world. There are over 2 billions of people that have downloaded this app. It is the fastest instant messaging app which has become the primary mode of communication. Out of the best things, it is almost used by everyone because of the simplest user-interface and easy to use features. There is no single requirement needed. By just clicking a few taps, you can make calls, send or receive messages, share photos and videos and much more. Also, you can make groups. You can form a collaborative workgroup to promote your business without providing your email. We are also providing many apps related to WhatsApp like GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, etc.

What is Web Whastapp?

People love to explore a new feature for which apps they liked. Now WhatsApp web offers you a to lots of fun to do using a web browser. It’s not a separate account. It is the same account that you have on your Mobile. Using the same Web.whatsapp account that you have in your Smartphone, you can easily access it on your PC and Laptop.

Whatsup Web comes with the same functionality and features as the Watsappweb on your Smartphone. It allows you instantly send or receive messages through Whatapp Web. When you logged in your account on PC, all of your messages are synced across, and you can use them both of the devices at the same time. That said, all of your messages and any other thing that your send or receive will be available on your PC and Phone simultaneously. Also, there is no single buck you have to pay using the account on PC. Do you ready to enjoy watsaup web on your PC? Let’s explore about Whatsapp Web.

Web WhatsApp

A Basic Tool that does its Job Amazingly

Whastapp web app does a great job. It is a full-featured instant messaging app. It allows you to use at the same time on your both devices such as PC and Smartphone. You can use the same features that are exactly on your whatts app web phone. With no frills attached, you can use the app while sitting beside your Phone, it works efficiently. Indeed, whatsapp web online is a great alternate to whastapp. So don’t have to look elsewhere.

Whatsaap Web Features  

Using Whats Web is a piece of cake. It is a free version that you can use on PC through web browser. Wats app web is an instant messaging app. It allows you to use the app on your PC as you use on your Smartphone using the same account that you have on your Smartphone. You can directly access it on web browser.

Connect with Your Friends Instantly

Whatsap Web allows you to send messages to your friends. You can also send videos, gifs and other things that it allows you same as you have used it on your Phone. It offers you to access your official Whatsapp account form internets such as Firefox, Chrome and any other browser.

It could be easier than you think to use the Whatapp.web on Pc. There is nothing to download or don’t need to install anything. By following these steps, you can easily use it on your PC.

  • Open your Watspp account on your Smartphone
  • There are three dots available on the right top corner
  • Click on it. Further, you have to tap on Watsap Web.
  • It requires to decide to scan the QR code. To do this, you have to open your PC. Then open the browser.
  • Now you have to visit whatsapp.web. when it opened, scan the QR code via Smartphone
  • Your whtsapp web account will be open automatically. Have fun!

User-Friendly Interface

Whatsappweb comes with the same interface that you have exactly on your Smartphone. There have chats. You have a profile, statuses and everything that have on your Phone’s account for whatsapp. You can use the same account on two devices at the same time, without any hassle. Also, you can use it on your PC and put your Mobile on charging case if the battery comes to drain. With the simplest interface, you will enjoy a great conversation also doing other tasks on the PC.

No Charges

Whether you are installing watsaap web for android/IOS or wattsapp web, there is no single buck you have to pay. It requires only data or wireless connection as available (EDGE/2G/3G/4G). You can make calls, send videos, photos or documents without paying anything. Just connect your device with an internet connection, and it’s ready to use. Neither it requires your email account, not subscription fee to use whasttsapp web.


Whataapweb allows you to send or receive photos. It allows you to share videos and documents. You can send a message and set statuses and much more.

Group Chat

Web whats app let you enjoy group chats with your contacts. It allows you to easily stay connected with your friends and other persons at the same time. You can send and receive messages right from your computer’s screen.

No International Charges

There is no need to pay any charges to send messages internationally through whatsapp web. It allows you to choose with your friends regardless where you and your friends are.

Say No to Usernames and Pins

You would be glad to know that webwhatsapp doesn’t allow you remember the username or PIN. So, there is no need to bother about PIN and Username. It only requires your phone number at the start so you can connect with your friends.

Always Logged In

With wats up web, you are always online if you are online through your Phone. There is no worry about missing messages. You receive or send messages instantly. Whether you are logged in or logged out, it doesn’t confusion anymore.

Quickly Connect with Your Contacts

What’s more? By using your address book, the what app web allows you to fast and easily connect you with your contacts. Also, there is no need to face difficult to remember usernames.

Offline Messages

Whastapp web. Its most amazing feature that you ever wish for. If your Phone is turned off or you have missed any tone, wattup web saves your messages until the next time you use the app.

And Lots More

Also, you can share your locations to whom you want. You can exchange number, set custom wallpapers, set statuses, broad cast messages and much more.

How Do You Use Whatsapp wab On Mobile?

Whatsapp Web is designed for PC or Laptops. You can’t use it on your Smartphone. If you don’t have whatsapp account on your Mobile then you can’t use www. Whatsapp web. To use Webwatsapp you need to install the app on your PC. Being said that, it’s not a desktop client either, that’s a separates app too. Wts app Web is designed for everyone who want to use it on PC either you are working or not.

A Considerable Limitation

Before using wattsappweb, there are certain thing that you should know. The first thing, as we have told you earlier, it’s a web app not a desktop client. If you want to use it, you have to come online on your Phone until you want to log out from web browser. It requires QR code than you have scanned if you logged out the PC account.

Furthermore, wtsapp web doesn’t allow you to make audio or video calls. This features makes it more basic than the mobile version.

Why is it Essential to Use Whats App Web on PC?

It will be really fun to use what pp web on your PC. You can use it when your mobile battery is going to drain. You can put your Mobile on charging case and use this app on your PC without any hassle. Also, you can use whatsapp web while doing other tasks on your PC. It doesn’t allow you to stop working. It might be really a handy tool for you. Also, it extends the usability of whatsapp on your Phone. There is no need to move your Pc to your Phone to keep your conversation going or to stay connected. Besides, you should be remember, this app is now owned by Facebook. That’s why, there are some folks which are uncomfortable. So, that’s not you, it would be probably a great choice to experience webwhatsapp.

What’s New in Whatsapp Wap?

The latest watts app Web allows you to send locations, set statuses and much more. There is all updates available that you are using on Phone’s whatspp on web. So if you are using a pretty basic app on your Pc with hassle free features, Whatsapp web.com would be a best choice.

How to Pair an Android/iOS with WhtappWeb?

Using the web watsapp, you will need to pair your account on PC. It allows you to use the same account on both device or whichever you want. Whether you are using android or IOS, these certain steps you have to follow. These are simple. Let’s get started!

  1. First of all, you have to open your PC. Then open any browser. After that, visit whatsapp.com. When whts app web home page appears, click on whatsapp for web
  2. If it prompted, use the QR scanner by using your Phone to scan it. It may takes several scans for first time so don’t worry for that. Have fun with whatsapp web.

To Scan the QR Code for whatsapp web scan Follow These Steps

  • You have to open whatsapp on your mobile
  • There are three dots available on the top right corner, click on them
  • It shows many options. But you have to choose the whatsapp web
  • It requires a device. You have to point your phone at the QR code for scanning.
  • Once it has done, your PC is ready to use your Mobile’s whatsapp account.

How to Pair iPhone with Whatsapp Web?

If you are using an iPhone, then takes these steps. These include:

  1. At first step, you will need a computer to open a web browser.
  2. Visit the official site of whatsapp as web.whatsapp.com
  3. When opens, use the QR code to scan your whatssapp web account so that you can use on PC.

To Scan the QR, These Steps Help you

  1. Open whatsapp account on your IOS phone
  2. Go to settings.
  3. There are so many options. But you have to click Whastapp Web.
  4. You have to scan it by pointing out the Phone on your PC’s screen
  5. Once you have connected, wap.whatsapp will remain active until you log out.

How to Log Out from Whatsp Web?

There are two options to log out either from your Phone or PC. For this, you have to follow these steps. These include:

  1. You have to open whastapp from your Phone
  2. Click on the setting and choose to log out from all devices.
  3. The second method is:
  4. You have to open wtsappweb
  5. Click on the three dots at the top of conversation thread. You have to select log out.


Where can I get the Whats appweb?

You need a computer. Whatsappp web is an online application. You have to open browser form pc. Visit whastap.com and use it freely.

Can I Use Whtsaapp Web Without a Phone?

No, you can’t use whattsappweb without WhatsApp on your Phone. It is an online app that only needs an internet connection and your whatsapp mobile to be connected.


  • Reliable
  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Freely available


  • No video/audio calls
  • Basic messaging app

The Conclusion

All in all, watsapp wab is one of the top leading free instant messaging app. It is a basic app which anyone can easily use. It doesn’t require anything except your number and internet connection so you can connect with your family, friends and others. However, Whasapp web is an extension of whast’s app android app which now available for PC freely. So you can get exclusive fun! Besides, if you have any problem to use whastapp wep, then drop a comment below. We are always here to help you. Thank you for visiting us!